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Bengkel cat motor mobil, tips merawat warna cat mobil

Before you go to a painting workshop, here some tips to maintain your Car's Paint Job:

1. Keep your car clean. Take your vehicle to the car wash regularly or wash it yourself. Bird droppings, bugs and dirt have a way of damaging your vehicle's exterior.
2. Keeping your car parked in the shade protects your vehicle from sun damage. There are still other hazards that can cause damage to your vehicle's paint job such as salt, tar, dust, mud, gravel and sun.

3. Touch up scratches. To maintain your car's paint job touch up the damaged areas as soon as they occur. You can handle small jobs yourself or take your vehicle to a body shop. For scratches and chips you'll touch up yourself, get paint that is factory-matched from a quality supplier. It is important that you use paint that matches your car's color. You can find the right color by matching the code, which you can find based on your vehicle's make, model and year. Be sure to purchase the right amount of paint to handle the job.

After you've gotten the paint to match up the touch up area, remove the wax with a prep solvent. Then sand the area. Apply the base paint and then allow the paint to dry and cure. Place your vehicle in a garage or somewhere else it can be protected by the elements such as rain and sun. About a day later, you can apply a clear coat over the touched up area.


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