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Before you buy a DVD Player, here tips to get a good one:

1. Inspect your TV and home theater connections. You'll want your DVD player to take advantage of the best-quality inputs available: For audio, look for coaxial or optical inputs. For video, look for component-video, S-Video, or composite-video inputs. At the store, look for DVD players with corresponding outputs.

2. Bring a homemade DVD with you when you shop. There are three competing, incompatible formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM. Even if a player says it takes your format, test it.

3. Get a progressive-scan player if you have an HDTV. These deliver higher resolution for more natural-looking output. Better yet, purchase a DVD player with 3:2 pulldown, if you can afford it, for even better picture quality.

4. Remember that the audio encoding--Dolby Digital or digital theater system (DTS)--on the DVD itself is critical. Proprietary audio features on some DVD players aren't as important as having a good home theater receiver and speakers.


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