Honda Yamaha Motorcycle For Sale


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Before you buy a motorcycle, here tips to get a good one:

1. Choose a motorcycle that fit to your body.
Extra tall: Make sure you have adequate space for ALL your body parts.
Short legs: Make sure you can touch the ground comfortably.
Short arms: Make sure you can reach the bars without stretching too much.
Heavy weight: Use a big bike. Make sure you are comfortable.

2. Choose the type or class of motorcycle that represents the type of riding you normally do. However for long term happiness, choose the type of bike that fits into your life style and desires.
3. Choose the engine capacity: 100cc, 125cc, 1600cc, 250cc, etc. More capacity mean more power but more fuel consume. Fit it with your need.
4. Choose the engine strokes: 2 stroke engines for power, 4 stroke engines for minimize use of fuel, or matic engines for easy riding.
5. Before deciding on a new motorcycle, check what is available used or second hand. It can save a ton of cash especially if already modified. Check the motorcycle condition and the history of the motorcycle servicing dealer.

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