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Need help choosing a new TV? Do you stick with the traditional CRT type, LCD TV, Plasma? There are so many choice and sizes. This guide will help you choose the one right for you.

1.) Traditional CRT
Pro: - Cheap, but may be hard to find now. - Perfected technology, reliable
Con: - High power consumption - Thick and heavy. Takes up a lot of space. - Ugly (subjective)

2.) LCD TV (liquid crystal display)
Pro: - Thin - Low power consumption - Can be brigher than Plasma or CRT. Better for brighter rooms. - Wall mountable
Con: - Expensive - Some lack the contrast of Plasma and CRT

3.) Plasma
Pro: - Large sizes available at more cost effective prices than LCD. - Better contrast (deeper blacks) than LCD. - Wall mountable.
Con: Uses more power than LCD.


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